the feminine…

Lalbagh Botanical gardens, Bangalore, has been one of my favoured areas for whatever little photography I practiced as a mere small time hobby photographer. This place has always been very comfortable for me to do photography in the way I enjoyed and do it the way I liked, spending my private and precious time, alone.

In Lalbagh Botanical gardens, Bangalore, there is an area named ‘Japanese Corner’. This area is decorated with a scene that is filled with statues of figurines, whose postures and colorful ornamental as well as sartorial decorations will take the Visitors’imagination to the mythological times. The scene as well as the figurines appear to have been left to themselves untended; but the richness of color and the feminine beauty of the figurines, eventhough filled with dust and decay, never seemed to lose the glory the creator intended to present or portray.

Whenever I happened to pass by this area, I thought of picturising the figurines; but somehow it went on postponing without any understandable reason. Then, during my last and the latest of my visits recently, I finally decided to do the photographing of this area and the femininity that is exhibited in the figurines there.

the feminine-1Athe feminine-2Athe feminine-3Athe feminine-4A