I am Venkat.B.Rao, aged 52 years, male.

I belong to Andhra Pradesh, India. Amongst many other things connected with the arts and literature, the art of Black & white photography fascinates me a lot. Writing and presenting in the most sublime way possible about the art forms and culture of India in general and in particular about the art forms and literature of Telugu speaking people of Andhra Pradesh, India, gives me immense satisfaction. This blog is a small effort in that direction.

This blog is primarily intended to present the beauty and aesthetic grace of the Indian temple architecture through photographs, mostly in black & white and occasionally in color as well. The write-ups for the photos are short notes, which I have prepared from my random notings made while reading relevant material in books and magazines over a period of time.  Though every care has been taken  to present the historical as well as about the finer aspects of Indian temple architecture as accurately as possible, my humble submission is that these are in no way specialized writings on those subjects and need to be treated as very primary level material and so not subject to any claims what so ever.

Thanks for visiting.

All content  ©venkat.b.rao -2011.



  1. You have a wonderful blog here. I love your photos and the descriptions. I have not yet been to Belur, but hope to visit there someday. I look forward to your future postings showcasing temples and architectural wonders of Andhra Pradesh and India.

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